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    Join Personal Choice Charities in the quest to build
    a new No Kill Shelter for pets that need homes.



The Future Of Giving. When you give, how much you give, and how often you give are all personal choices. Anyone who chooses to help by contributing to a cause deserves to know that they have made a difference. So as you experience the journey of charity, you can feel confident that we are making sure that your hard earned dollars are getting to the places you want them to go. We care Personal Choice Charities and we are the peoples choice. The future of giving is now.

  • 1Where And When You Give Is A Personal Choice.
  • 2How Much To Give Is A Personal Choice
  • 3How Often To Give Is A Personal Choice


    All the donations we collect at Personal Choice Charities are used to directly support research efforts, enhancing the living conditions of those most in need. We are impacting local communities with charity by the people and for the people.

    Dave, The Giving Heart


    The Giving Heart Animal Retirement Ranch

    Our animal friends have given us so much and asked for so little in return. They give their hearts unconditionally and serve us without fail. From the dog that fatefully follows to the cat that purrs in our laps. There are all types of animal friends, and now it’s time to show them that we care. No animal should be killed for no reason. That’s why we at PCC are motivated to create the Giving Heart Animal Retirement Ranch. Where no animal will be put down unless absolutely medically necessary. This is a big vision and it’s going to take a lot of work and effort. Please give what you can and remember every dollar makes a huge difference in their lives.



    Personal Choice Charities is proud to support local organizations and charities that strive for the best within their communities. We are on a mission to simplify how you give, ensuring donations always reach your cause.